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Atlantic Canada’s Most Stolen Vehicles & Ways to Prevent Car Theft.

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Car thefts are becoming more common in Canada, with a car getting stolen every six minutes, as stated in the 2023 Report from the Canadian Finance and Leasing Association. In Atlantic Canada, there’s been a hefty 34% increase in theft reports over the past year. Let’s dig into which types of cars are most targeted by thieves and how to lower your chances of dealing with a stolen car.

Most Frequently Stolen Vehicles

If you’re wondering whether your vehicle is a hot commodity for thieves, look at Equité Association’s list of the most stolen vehicles for Canada and all regions. Here’s how the list stacks up for Atlantic Canada. 

Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in the Atlantic Region

  1. Ram 1500 Series 2009-2018
  2. Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Series 2014-2018
  3. Honda Civic 2011-2015
  4. Ford F150 Series 2015-2020
  5. Honda Civic 2016-2021
  6. Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Series 2007-2013
  7. Chevrolet Cruze 2011-2015
  8. Chrysler/Dodge Town & Country 2008-2014
  9. Hyundai Elantra 2015-2019
  10. Ford F150 Series 2009-2014

How to Protect Your Vehicle from Thieves

Apply Common Sense Measures.

Safeguarding your vehicle can start with simple and practical steps. Take advantage of these common-sense measures:

  • Always lock your doors, no exceptions.
  • Avoid leaving your keys in the ignition.
  • Verify that your windows are fully closed.
  • Opt for well-lit parking spots or a secure, locked garage whenever feasible.
  • Refrain from leaving your car alone with the engine running, especially during colder months.

Install Visual or Audible Anti-theft Devices.

Using an anti-theft system is one of the best tricks up your sleeve to protect your vehicle. It makes your car less tempting for thieves, and many of these systems can also track your vehicle if it gets swiped. Check out these anti-theft options:

  • Employ a steering wheel or pedal lock as an additional barrier.
  • Incorporate an audible car alarm that triggers upon detecting any unauthorized tampering.
  • Explore setting up a video surveillance system strategically positioning cameras for round-the-clock coverage.
  • Personalize your vehicle with distinctive stickers, decals, or other markers to make it easily recognizable.
  • Enhance security by installing a kill switch—a manual switch that the driver can turn off to disconnect the battery from the vehicle’s electronics.

Watch Out for High-Tech Car Thieves.

The rise of electronic or keyless entry cars has opened the door for tech-savvy thieves! They’ve figured out how to amplify key fob radio signals, enabling them to unlock and even start vehicles.

Here’s how it usually works: Keyless entry relies on radio waves that zip a signal to your car’s receiver, granting access to the locks. But some thieves have found ways to hijack these transmissions, fooling the car into believing the key fob is in their hands. The result? Your vehicle is unlocked and at their mercy.

Keeping your key fob well away from your front door or windows is best to fend off these digital bandits – the farther from your driveway or garage, the better. You may also want to purchase a special bag or pouch that zaps radio signals dead for stashing your keys at home.

Invest in a Vehicle Tracking Device.

The last suggestion to minimize car thefts and aid law enforcement in case your vehicle gets swiped is installing a tracking system. Tracking options include a GPS device that emits signals to the owner or a monitoring service, potentially pinpointing your car’s location from afar.

However, It is important to note that Apple AirTags are worth steering clear of for this purpose. These tiny Bluetooth-powered trackers are all the rage for tracking and finding many objects but are like neon signs for thieves, making them a no-go for car protection. These tags are a giveaway, making it easy for thieves to spot and ditch them.

Preventing car theft requires awareness, smart practices, and the right tools. By staying informed about the types of vehicles thieves target, employing practical precautions, and embracing technology-driven solutions, you can enhance the security of your beloved car. Stay one step ahead and keep your wheels where they belong – with you!

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