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RV Insurance

Life is stressful, and you work hard, so when you have time to relax and play here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, enjoy it worry-free. We’ll recommend the best RV Insurance for your RV, motorcycle, ATV, or travel trailer.

Enhance Coverages – explained

If you need an explanation, we sort through the jargon and provide you with a brief description of these common Enhanced features.

  1. Roadside Assistance for RV's Registered in Nova Scotia

    Just like your car, roadside assistance is valuable coverage for your RV (recreational vehicle), whatever it may be – a motorcycle, ATV, travel trailer, or motor home.  Adding this coverage will provide reimbursement for emergency-related expenses while using your RV.

  2. RV Insurance Claims Forgiveness

    With Claims Forgiveness your RV Insurance premium rates won’t increase after your first claim.  It functions as a “free pass” on your first policy claim.

Worked with Stacy to renew my Home, Vehicle, RV and ATV insurance. She did lots of research to find me a better price with the same coverage. Communication was clear, the process was easy. Thanks!

Kevin Giles
personal insurance client

The Bauld Process

When you engage the Bauld Team for your insurance needs, you will appreciate our Bauld Advisors’ depth of RV Insurance knowledge and their hands-on personal approach.

RV Insurance FAQ’s

Like any other vehicle, you’ll need to get insurance for your recreational vehicle to protect you in case of an accident. For some background on the topic of RV Insurance, check out this helpful blog from Go RVing Canada.

  1. Can I add my Recreational Trailer to my home policy?

    Most insurers will allow travel trailers to be added to a homeowner’s policy. However, that coverage can be limited.

    A standalone RV Insurance policy for your travel trailer can be set up with a broader range of unique coverages, such as offering replacement cost and emergency roadside assistance. In addition, a claim on this policy won’t affect the rates on your home policy.

Have Fun & Be Protected

Your RV is meant to be fun – the right RV Insurance will give you added peace of mind.  Our Bauld Advisors can help ensure you get the best policy and coverage for your RV whether it is a motorcycle, ATC, travel trailer, or motor home.