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Estate Bonding

The administration of estate bonding remains unchanged, stuck in a bygone era of overly complicated paper-based processes. A significant improvement to this process is needed to save time and money. Our NEW Digital Estate Bonding platform uses intuitive applications, delivering more comprehensive answers and streamlining the entire process for all parties.

Time to Modernize icon

Time to Modernize

The current process for administering estate bonding has not kept up with the times and lags significantly behind our modern, digital world. We all know it’s time to retire the fax machine.
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Simplify the Process

Time savings for your legal team and clients is a win for everyone. You’ll improve productivity and your bottom line by simplifying an outdated process.
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Save Some Trees

It is always great when you can reduce the amount of paperwork in any process. Estate bonding delivers digitally stamped documents, which is good for everyone and the environment.
A new digital approach

New Digital Approach

The estate bonding application process needs an update. The current process is often a never-ending cycle of documentation that is frustrating for both lawyers and their clients.

The NEW Digital Estate Bonding Process

Our NEW Digital Estate Bonding platform reduces bond administration to five steps. The intuitive application provides more complete answers and a seamless process for all parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Digital Estate Bonding support executor requirements?

    Your clients will also save time. When ready, clients can click the “review application” button to access the portal to enter all required information for the lawyer review. Executors can return it to the lawyer with a “return application” button.

  2. Does Digital Estate Bonding support law firms that operate with multiple lawyer?

    Yes. Digital Estate Bonding is configured with bond portal access and assigned broker advisor. Lawyers and support teams all work from the same login. Lawyers can be broken into individual teams under the umbrella of the law firm or as one single team.

  3. What types of documents are available through the Digital Estate Bonding?

    The following documents are available for download.

    • Administration Bond Application
    • Beneficiary Consent and Acknowledgement Form
    • Inventory Of Estate
    • Personal Net Worth Statement
    • Sample Bond Document

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