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Premium Property Owner Insurance Program

An exclusive program designed for multi-residential real estate owners with the best practices in property management. Learn how Premium Property Owner Insurance effectively addresses common challenges faced by property owners with smart, practical solutions. Are you Best-in-Class?

Best-in-class Property Owners Need Solutions to Common Issues.

Escalating Insurance Premiums


Insurance rates are currently on the rise because of increased claims. Best-in-class property owners are paying for the deficiencies of those less proactive.


By combining proprietary analytics through the initial review process and our unique coverage options, the best property owners are identified and rewarded.

Tax Exposure & Penalties


Residential real estate owners are subject to unique Excise Tax Act rules. This impacts the cost of developing a new building, and when making an insurance claim.


Property owners who qualify receive exclusive coverage for the gap in existing policies due to uncertainties caused by CRA rules and MARKET VALUE fluctuations.

The Sharing Economy


Whether managed by you, a professional third-party company, or individual tenants, short-term rentals or home-sharing (e.g. Airbnb) in your building could be a big issue if not disclosed.


The rental economy is changing, and our Program helps you participate in that evolution, provided certain guidelines and protocols are followed.

Tenant Insurance Enforcement


Enforcing your tenant’s insurance is standard practice. However, it is a big job to manage a database of your units and request tenant insurance renewal confirmation.


Property owners covered through the Program receive access to the Cheep Insurance Apartment Protection Program, letting you include tenant insurance as part of the monthly rent.

Best Practice, Support, and Resources for Property Owners

  1. Loss Control Handbook

    Building owners and property managers face many risk exposures. These can come from a variety of sources and may lead to thousands of dollars in damages or loss of income potential.

    Our loss control guide is designed to provide a summary of major risks building owners must address. It also includes helpful strategies and materials you can use to reduce risk exposure associated with your buildings.

  2. Employee Safety Handbook

    A customizable employee safety handbook specifically designed for the property management industry featuring safety policies and procedures that support a safety-conscious work environment.

  3. Snow Removal Best Practices Guide

    This guide provides recommendations for property owners and managers regarding snow and ice removal. It also contains snow and ice removal tracking logs and incident reporting forms.

  4. Best Practices Guide for Avoiding Privacy Breach & Cyber Liability

    The first line of defense against cyber threats is a well-trained workforce. Use this Employee Cyber Training Manual to educate your employees about common threats and the best practices to defend against them.

  5. Risk Mitigation Tips for Short Term Rentals

    Property owners have a unique opportunity when renting out their units short-term through online services like Airbnb. Despite its convenience and the potential for profit, these services do not come without risks! Our tips can help ensure that you reduce these risk factors.

  6. Claims Concierge

    When purchasing an insurance policy, the hope is that you do not need to use it. However, if you do need to submit a claim, your Bauld Advisor will be here to help guide you through the process and advocate on your behalf.

Are Your Properties Well Protected?

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