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Tenant Insurance

You work hard for your belongings. Make sure the things you love are well protected. As an apartment renter in Halifax or anywhere in Nova Scotia, relax with Tenant Insurance (also known as renters insurance) from Bauld.

Customize Your Tenant Insurance.

With our advisors’ years of experience providing Haligonians with home and tenant insurance, we will add a personal touch to the customization your renters insurance to ensure you are well protected.

Standard Tenant Insurance Coverages

A standard tenant insurance policy offers coverage and protection for the following:

  • All of your belongings
  • Living expenses for a temporary location after a claim
  • Accidental property damage to your building and surrounding units
  • Personal liability, typically at least $1 million

Enhanced Tenant Insurance Coverages

If you need more protection, you can customize your tenant insurance policy to meet your needs with these optional coverage add-ons.

  • Water protection with sewer back-up and overland water coverage.
  • ID theft with enhanced credit/debit card coverage, lost income protection, legal fees and more.
  • Home-based business coverage for inventory, computers, and more.

Tenant Insurance Coverages – explained

If you need an explanation, we sort through the jargon and provide you with a brief description of these standard and enhanced tenant insurance coverages.

  1. Standard Tenant Insurance Coverages

    • Your Belongings.  This covers replacement cost for everything you own, wear or use while at home. This includes many things like furniture, books, clothing, appliances, jewelry, electronics and more. This coverage even extends to your belongings that are temporarily away from their home while they’re travelling.
    • Liability Coverage. If someone is injured at your apartment or rented home, or they unintentionally injure someone else or damage their property, you’ll be covered in the event of a lawsuit.
    • Additional Living Expenses. If you have to leave your apartment or rented home temporarily due to a claim, the hotel costs and increased travel expenses will be covered.
  2. Water Protection

    Water protection provides extensive coverage for your belongings in the event of water damage to your apartment. Basic water protection included in every tenant insurance policy, while optional sewer backup and overland water coverage can give you added protection.  Depending on the type of building you rent in, optional water protection can provide a needed level of additional protection.

  3. ID Theft Coverage

    If you are the victim of ID theft or fraud, additional ID theft coverage can help get you back on track with these additional coverages.

    • Access to a dedicated ID theft caseworker to guide you through the recovery process
    • Up to $40,000 of coverage for expenses to help you recover your identity
    • Credit bureau monitoring and up to two credit bureau reports for six months after a claim
    • Up to $5,000 for any financial loss you experience as a result of your identity being stolen
  4. Personal Cyber

    Provides insurance coverage against cyber-attacks like extortion, online fraud, and data breaches.

  5. High Value Jewelry

    Provides insurance coverage for high-value items even if they are not located at your home, which is especially important for jewelry.

  6. Claim Protection / Forgiveness

    Claim Protection or Claim Forgiveness – you can keep your claims-free discount after your first claim.

The Bauld Process

We are a leading provider of Tenant Insurance in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When you engage our Bauld Team for your tenant or renters insurance, you will appreciate our Bauld Advisors’ depth of insurance knowledge and their personal approach.

FAQ’s – Tenant / Renters Insurance

  1. What is renters insurance for?

    Tenant insurance or renters insurance helps a renter cover the replacement or repair cost of their personal belongings in the event of an incident, fire or break-in. Tenant Insurance policies exist because, without them, renters would have to cover these damages out-of-pocket.

  2. What does renters insurance cover?

    Tenant / Renters Insurance provides coverage for what you own. This insurance helps cover unexpected events. You may not always be able to prevent certain situations, such as theft, a break-in or a visitor’s injury, and that’s where renters insurance comes in. As mentioned above, a standard renters insurance policy will provide the following coverage:

    • Personal property and belongings
    • Personal liability
    • Additional living expenses
  3. How much contents coverage do I need?

    Although we do not require an itemized list of your belongings for a Tenants Insurance policy, it is a good idea to take an inventory for your own knowledge. Ideally, you should have enough coverage to be able to replace all of your belongings (clothing, furniture, electronics) in the event that you lost everything.

  4. How much does tenant insurance in Nova Scotia cost?

    The costs of tenant insurance in Halifax and Nova Scotia will depend on a variety of factors such as where you live, the type of building, your apartment, the value of your belongings, coverages you select, and more. On average, Canadians pay $23 per month in tenant insurance, and it is not uncommon for Nova Scotians to reduce this even lower based on a number of factors.

  5. If I accidently cause damage to my landlord's property, am I covered?

    Your tenants policy provide you with personal liability coverage which would cover you if you were to accidentally cause damage to your rented premises and were legally liable to compensate the landlord.

  6. Do I need Sewer Back Up coverage if I live in an apartment building?

    A claim can be considered a “Sewer Backup” if it is determined that water has entered the home through a plumbing fixture. As a tenant, your landlord would be responsible only for the repair to the building itself – your personal belongings would not be covered.

    It is a good idea to have this coverage included in your Tenants package since if a Sewer Backup happened in your unit, some of your belongings could be damaged and without this endorsement, you would have to cover the costs out of your own pocket. Sewer Backups can happen for a variety of reasons – even caused by circumstances outside of your building!

  7. Why do landlords require renters insurance?

    Many landlords require their tenants purchase renters insurance by including a clause in the lease agreement.  Typically, this includes a requirement that a renter provides proof of their renters insurance within a certain number of days from the lease start date.

    While landlords require renters insurance to help minimize their risks, tenants/renters insurance also benefits the tenant by protecting their property. This further helps ensure a property is well respected by both parties.

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