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Business Insurance

As a Halifax Chamber of Commerce Member, you now have access to a wide range of business insurance products and services.  These exclusive products and services are brought to you by The Halifax Chamber of Commerce affinity partner Bauld Insurance.

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Chamber Member Discounts

Bauld Insurance has access to exclusive discounts on Business Insurance for Halifax Chamber of Commerce Members.

Discounts vary depending on the business industry and the unique nature of your business or non-profit organization. Contact us today to learn more or to request a quote.

Free Educational Sessions

Exclusive for Halifax Chamber Members, Bauld Business Insurance Advisors will host learning sessions on hot topics related to business insurance and risk management.

Typically hosted webinars will include sessions on business interruption related to the pandemic and cyber liability & data breach exposures facing businesses in a digital commerce age.

Online Resource Library

Risk management is a fundamental principle of business insurance. Risk topics such as business continuity, regulatory compliance, and cyber liability are some of the more commonly considered risk factors.

Our Resource Portal will contain documents and resources specific to business categories and risk topics that will help educate Halifax Chamber Members, business owners and management.

Stay Informed with our Bauld Insurance App

Bauld Insurance customers have 24/7 access to their insurance policy, with our Mobile App and web-based Desktop App. View and manage your policy details, certificate management, change requests, access to policy documentation, initiate claims, and more.

Not-For-Profit Organization Insurance

Halifax is home to not-for-profit organizations (NFPOs) that play a vital role in our community. That’s why Bauld Insurance partnered with Trisura Guarantee Insurance to design an insurance program specifically for NFPOs. This is an exclusive program for Halifax Chamber of Commerce members.

Business Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if I make a mistake (professional negligence)?

    We know that you’re very careful and thorough in your work, but you’re human. If you overlook an important detail that results in your client not receiving the agreed-upon service, your E&O coverage is designed to protect you from serious financial loss.

  2. Does my General Liability policy cover me for cyber attacks?

    There is often some confusion associated with General Liability (GL) coverage for cyber incidents that centers around the “3rd party property damage” coverage provided in GL policies. Unfortunately, in the world of GL insurance, “property” only encompasses tangible property and not your digital assets. Nor do GL policies cover the 1st party costs you might incur to recover from a cyber incident (e.g., the costs to hire computer experts to investigate the cause or restore the damage, the costs to restore data in a ransomware attack, business interruption losses, among numerous other loss possibilities).

    For IT providers and consultants, GL policies do often include an endorsement titled, “Digital Data Protection Endorsement”. Where this endorsement is present, the GL policy will cover the loss of data, but only for situations where 3rd party data is lost due to property damage.

    In summary, General Liability policies do not provide adequate coverage for the cyber and technological risks faced by nearly every company. This is why cyber insurance exists. Cyber policies are designed to provide coverage for the various loss exposures companies face (both 1st party, and liability to 3rd parties) that result from a cyber incident.

  3. Your client says your advice has cost him, what now?

    If a client claims that the professional advice you offered resulted in damages that led to direct economic losses, you could face a lawsuit for the costs associated with those losses. E&O coverage will provide a safeguard in this instance.

  4. What happens when your staff member misses an important detail?

    If you or an employee were to present information that your client feels is faulty or misleading or misrepresenting. Your client could launch suit. Even if there is no merit to the claim. Errors & Omissions policy coverage will respond to legal expenses associated with these claims.

  5. My laptop was stolen or lost, am I covered?

    If a consultant’s laptop is stolen from their vehicle, there could be sensitive material lost or your client’s data could be compromised. If due to this breach of information their client suffers harm, the consulting firm could be sued. Protect this with General Liability coverage.

The Bauld Insurance Process

When you get Business Insurance from Bauld, you will appreciate our Business Insurance Advisors’ and Account Managers’ depth of insurance knowledge and their personal approach.

Is Your Business Well Protected?

As a Halifax Chamber of Commerce Member, find out how our Bauld Business Insurance Advisors can help you better protect your business.