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Boat Insurance

Your boat is one of your prized possessions, and you’ve worked hard to get it. Whether you own a sailboat, motorboat, or any other watercraft, our Bauld Advisors will help you get the best Boat Insurance in Nova Scotia.

Enhanced Boat Insurance Coverages

If you need Boat Insurance or Marine Insurance, we sort through the jargon and ensure you and your watercraft are well protected. In this section, we provide brief descriptions of these common Enhanced Boat Insurance Coverages.

  1. Road Side Assistance, for your Boat

    Just like your car, roadside assistance can be valuable coverage for your boat or marine vehicle.  Adding this coverage to your boat insurance policy will provide reimbursement for emergency-related expenses while using your sailboat, motorboat, or any type of watercraft in Nova Scotia and beyond.

  2. Boat Insurance Claims Forgiveness

    With Boat Insurance Claims Forgiveness your premium and insurance rates won’t increase after your first claim.  It functions as a “free pass” on your first claim, available for all types of marine insurance or boat insurance policies.

Have always had exceptional service from this company for all my Marine Insurance needs. A big shout out to Jill for her quick, personal service.

John Burton
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The Bauld Process

When you engage Bauld Insurance for your boat insurance needs, you will appreciate our Advisors’ depth of marine industry knowledge and their personal approach. Bauld Insurance has many years of experience helping our clients throughout Nova Scotia ensure their watercraft is well protected with the right boat insurance coverage.

Boat Insurance FAQ’s

  1. Can I leave my boat in the water all year round?

    Most marine insurance providers require you to remove your boat from the water by November and keep it out until the end of March. However, this can vary from insurer to insurer. Some companies will allow you to keep your boat in the water as long as it has a bubbler system installed. Our Bauld Advisors will help you ensure you have the right boat insurance coverage for your unique situation and the specifics of your watercraft.

  2. What type of coverages are offered with Boat Insurance?

    Whether you own a small or really big watercraft, it is important that you get the right boat insurance / marine insurance coverage to protect this valuable asset.  Some coverages are similar to car insurance such as:

    • Liability
    • Collision
    • Fire
    • Theft

    Other coverages are unique to boating and can include:

    • Hull and Machinery
    • Tenders
    • Windstorms
    • Outboard motors
    • Trailers
  3. Does homeowner's insurance cover my boat?

    Some home policies will allow the addition of a watercraft, however, it is advised to look at insuring them separately. This way if there is a claim on your boat, it does not affect the status of the home insurance policy such as being “claims-free”.

  4. Are there navigation limits on boat insurance?

    Most boat insurance policies are issued based on what type of water you operate in: coastal or inland, in Nova Scotia waters or beyond. The range of use for your watercraft will all depend on the insurer, but typically it is only when you use your boat in coastal waters where the boundaries begin. Bauld Insurance will guide you through the coverage selection to ensure you can drive your boat on inland waters and coastal waters with minimal restrictions.

  5. Is a boat survey a requirement for boat insurance?

    Usually, watercraft over 15 years old are required to have a survey, and an updated survey is due every 5 years from there. A survey amounts to an appraisal of the boat which determines its condition and value. Insurance companies use this for market valuation in the event of a total loss.

    If there are items of disrepair on the boat survey, the insurance company may require repairs in order to receive insurance.

    Depending on these items, more often a boat survey is required. If you have a recent boat survey, typically this can be used as part of the boat insurance quote process.

Have Fun & Be Protected

Your boat is meant to be fun – the right boat insurance will give you added peace of mind.  Our Bauld Insurance Advisors that specialize in marine and boat insurance can help ensure you get the best policy and coverages for you and your watercraft.