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Craft Brewery Insurance

Owning a Craft Brewery can be rewarding, but it also has its challenges and risks.Nova Scotia has a growing craft brewery sector, and these businesses require insurance that will effectively meet the unique challenges of operating a micro-brewery.


While craft breweries wholesale their brews, most also generate revenue from a taproom typically attached to the brewery.

Insurance companies consider businesses that offer on-site alcohol consumption as a higher risk. So, many craft breweries are forced to purchase insurance with higher premiums and basic coverages.


Bauld Insurance has worked with our partners to provide a new Craft Brewery Insurance Program to meet the challenges of micro-breweries.

The program includes coverages specifically designed for craft breweries, including those with taprooms. Now, more craft breweries can access enhanced coverages at competitive rates.

I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Jenny at Bauld for all of our commercial business insurance and they have always been incredibly personable, very quick to respond and highly professional. I’d highly recommend connecting with them if you are in need of commercial insurance.

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Craft Brewery Exposures & Coverages

Operating a craft brewery involves a particular set of risks and exposures. That’s why you need enhanced insurance coverage to meet the specific requirements of managing a micro-brewery.

Key Exposures for Breweries

  • Supply of hops & grains
  • Product distribution and delivery
  • Microbial contamination including water/CO2
  • Exposures in contract brewing
  • Brand and trademark protection

Enhanced Coverages for Breweries

  • Enhance stock valuation: alcoholic stock valued at the selling price rather than the cost of inputs
  • Processing water leakage and contamination
  • Beer leakage
  • Off-site coverage for special events or processing

Car & Home Insurance for Craft Brewery Employees.

Ensure you and your family are well protected with car and home insurance policies with the right coverages at a great rate.

This exclusive program for craft brewery employees is provided in partnership with the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia.

Details are coming soon.  Contact us if you have any questions.

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The Bauld Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My tap room floor is wet and a customer slips - am I liable?

    Like bar and pub owners, breweries operating a tap room face various risks. Weather may damage your property, or perhaps a tap room patron is overserved and injured. Without insurance, owners could face significant costs that could hurt their business operations.

    As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of your premises. If a customer is injured on your premises, you could be liable for court costs and any damages awarded. Protect against this with General Liability insurance.

  2. Someone claims they became ill from my beer. Now what?

    If you sell or manufacture any product as part of your business, personal injury that occurs to any third party from using or consuming that product is your responsibility. Costs to alleviate the situation could include:

    • costs to recall your product
    • costs of injury to the third party
    • costs to repair your reputation in the community
  3. Your credit / debit machine is hacked.

    Your business will be held responsible for any theft of customer information entrusted to you by using your debit/credit machines. If your equipment is compromised and customer information is stolen, fines and or legal fees to repair the situation could be enormous for a small business.

Is Your Brewery Well Protected?

You work hard to make a great product and serve your customers. Our Bauld Insurance Advisors can help you better protect your business with a new and unique insurance program designed for Nova Scotia Craft Breweries.