Bauld Insurance Customer Portal

Managing your insurance has never been easier, whether you’re at home or on-the-go. ALL Bauld Insurance Customers have 24/7 access to their insurance policy, with our Customer Portal Apps. Choose a device that is right for you, or use both for maximum convenience and flexibility.

Desktop Web App

Our web-based customer portal is your full feature option to manage and update all your insurance policies. The desktop app offers a range of features including:

– Access to all of your insurance policy documents and billing information

– Ability to request changes to your policy including adding, deleting vehicles and drivers

– Reports claims

– Update personal information

– View and download pink cards

– Contact info for representative and HELP email

Mobile App

For Bauld Insurance customers on-the-go, our mobile app is available for smartphone users whether you have an iPhone or Google Android operating system. With the mobile app you can:

– Access to all of your insurance policy documents and billing information

– View and download pink card

– Contact information for your representative

Still need the app?  Tap the appropriate app button from your smartphone and download it today!

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Bauld Insurance Customer Portal FAQs

  1. What's my Portal ID?

    Your portal ID is the primary email address you provided to your Bauld Advisor and the email address linked to your insurance policies.

  2. What's my password?

    You were provided a temporary password emailed to by After you login for the first time, please change your password to a personal password only you know.  At any time, when logging into the desktop web-based customer portal, you can click the “Forgot Password?” link and reset your password.

  3. How to Review Documents and Billing Information.

    Follow these steps to review documents and billing information

    1. Select “Policy Documents” Icon.
    2. To look at your policy documents, choose the “Policies” folder, with some insurance companies your billing will be on your policy documents.
    3. If you see a billing folder, your billing information will be located there.
  4. How to Print or View Your Car Insurance Pink Cards.

    Follow these steps to Print or View your Car Insurance Pink Cards.

    • Click the “Pink Cards” button.
    • Select the vehicle you would like to print a pink card for.
    • Select “default template”.
    • Review the information on the screen to confirm it is correct, and then hit the “Submit Request” button.
    • On the screen that pops up, make sure one of the following boxes are checked:
      • View on Screen
      • Deliver via Email
      • When you select “Deliver via Email”, fields will appear underneath it – Fill in your name and email address here.
      • Hit “Submit Request”.
    • A copy of your pink card(s) will open on your computer screen, and the pink card will be emailed to you.
    • If you have pop-ups blocked on your computer, your pink card(s) may not open.
    • You will be able to print your pink card from the version that popped up on your screen or the email attachment.

We’re Here to Help

We get it, as much as new technology is great, sometimes you need a little help to get started.  If you have any difficulties or questions complete this brief form and one of our staff will respond to lend a helping hand.

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