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Car & Home Insurance

Your car and home insurance belong together. Bundling your car and home or tenant insurance is a great way to save time & money. Plus, you will simplify an insurance claim process when needed, with added flexibility only bundling can offer.

Get these key benefits when you Bundle Car & Home Insurance.

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Lower your insurance cost.

By bundling car and home or tenant insurance, you get a discount for having two insurance products with the same insurance provider.

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More deductible flexibility.

Only one deductible is used in the event of a claim that involves both home and car, such as a smashed car window and a stolen laptop.

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Lower policy finance fees.

Some insurance providers offer a lower finance fee when car and home or tenant insurance are combined.

Bauld Insurance icon - added liability coverage

Added liability coverage.

Some insurance providers offer an additional excess liability limit when you combine car and home or tenant insurance.

“I was very happy with my recent renewal of both house and vehicle insurance with Bauld. The renewal account manager, Stacey Vallis, was very diligent and was able to reduce my premiums by about 40% without sacrificing coverage. When the price of everything is going up these days, it is a good feeling to get some relief somewhere!”

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The Bauld Process

We are a leading provider of insurance in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When you engage Bauld Insurance for both your car and home insurance needs, our Advisors’ will guide you through the process and access the right insurance coverage for you.

Frequently Asked Car Insurance Questions

  1. Are there any limits on the types of insurance policies I can bundle?

    Several discounts are available to help lower your car and home or tenant insurance costs. You can combine multiple cars with residential property insurance with a car and home insurance bundle. It can add up to some good savings on insurance premiums.  Give us a call for a complete file review to ensure you take advantage of these possible discounts!

  2. Can a Bauld Insurance Advisor help me choose my insurance coverages?

    Most definitely! Our Bauld Insurance Advisors really know car and home or tenant insurance and help our clients daily ensure they get the best insurance rates and coverages available.

  3. Can I bundle my home and car insurance if each have a different renewal date?

    Yes, you can bundle your policies if they have different renewal dates. Typically you can add a second policy up to six months before your renewal date. The monthly payment is prorated, plus you’ll lock in the quoted premium, even if rates go up or you have a claim before your current policy expires.

    Plus, you only deal with one insurance provider when it comes to renewal and claims.  That makes things a little easier and simpler.

All-in-one Car & Home Protection.

For car and homeowners in Nova Scotia, having the right insurance is not an option; it’s a priority. Our Bauld Insurance Advisors can help you get the best bundled car and home insurance policy and coverages just right for you.