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What is Critical Illness Insurance, and How Does it Work?

No matter how hard we try, the future is unknown. Life is unpredictable. Critical illness insurance can provide valuable support should you or a family member experience a severe illness.

Guest Blog Why the Pandemic is the Right Time to Get Life Insurance

A recent study conducted by online insurance brokerage Policy Advisor reveals that 63% of Canadians think that owning life insurance is of the utmost importance these days, due to the ongoing health crisis.

Guest Blog 7 Practical Tips for Couples Taking Out Life Insurance

It’s essential to invest in life insurance early on, to secure your loved ones’ futures in case something happens to you. So where do you start? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you out.

Life Insurance Advice What is Term Life Insurance and how it compares to mortgage insurance?

What is term life insurance and how it compares bank mortgage insurance? Christina Wyatt sheds some light on these common life insurance questions.