Why Solopreneurs Need Business Insurance in Nova Scotia

If you are a solo entrepreneur, don't think you're immune to the risks. Learn why solo entrepreneurs need business insurance in Nova Scotia.

Published in Commercial Insurance

Working from Home Tips for Businesses: Ensuring Coverage and Security

Working from home offers numerous benefits, it also requires business considerations, especially related to insurance coverage and cybersecurity.

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Inflation impacts us all, including the cost to repair, rebuild or replace commercial property. Here's some advice on how inflation affects commercial property insurance policies.

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Press Release Bauld Insurance Partners to Help Landlords with Innovative Tenant Insurance.

Bauld Insurance has partnered with Cheep Insurance to help multi-unit apartment landlords address a range of challenges with one easy-to-use tenant insurance platform.

For Our Blog Is Cyber Insurance Worth It for Your Business?

Businesses, large and small, are taking note of cyberattacks and protecting their business with cyber insurance. In this helpful blog, we shed light on an important question - is Cyber Insurance worth the cost?

Are You Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

The spectrum of cyber risks is limitless. So what can you do about it?  By taking proactive action and setting up the proper controls you can mitigate and limit the damage before a cyber attack.

Press Release Bauld Launches New Program for Apartment Owners.

Bauld launched an innovative program designed to help best-in-class multi-unit real estate owners gain access to the insurance they want and need.