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Support and Assistance for Nova Scotians Affected by Recent Flooding.

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Our hearts go out to all Nova Scotians whose lives have been impacted by the recent devastating floods and other natural disasters. We stand with our communities during these challenging times and extend our gratitude to all those working tirelessly to keep everyone safe and repair the damage.

Understandably we have received many calls about flood insurance and additional financial assistance. Before delving into the government financial support provided for the recent floods, let’s first highlight important information regarding flood and water damage insurance.

Water Damage and Flood Insurance in Canada?

The Canadian insurance industry places flood and water damage in different categories: overland water, groundwater, sewer backup, and standard water, such as that caused by burst water pipes.

In Canada, flood insurance is typically called overland water coverage. Overland water coverage protects you from damage caused by excessive rain, overflowing rivers, spring run-off, and melting snow. It usually excludes damage caused by saltwater, such as tidal waves, and may exclude some flood damage.

Many home insurance policies in Canada do not automatically include coverage for overland water flooding. Be careful not to assume you have flood or overland water coverage, especially if you live in an area at risk of flooding. Not understanding your water damage coverage is one of several common mistakes when buying home insurance. It is essential to consult your home insurance provider for specifics about your coverage. For more information on flood insurance, read our blog, What’s the Deal with Flood Insurance in Canada?

What You Need to Know About Nova Scotia’s Disaster Financial Assistance.

In response to the communities affected by the floods, the province of Nova Scotia has taken decisive action and announced disaster financial assistance for households, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations that sustained uninsurable damages. The program provides coverage of up to $200,000 in uninsurable losses. This financial assistance is meant to help those affected get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.

It’s essential to note that disaster financial assistance does not replace private insurance. Only uninsurable damages are eligible for this program. If you are unsure whether your insurance covers the damage, we recommend contacting your insurance broker or company for clarification. Alternatively, you can contact Canada’s Insurance Bureau at 1-844-227-5422 for assistance.

When applying for disaster financial assistance, you’ll need to fill out a form provided by your insurance company confirming that insurance was unavailable for the losses you incurred.

It’s important to understand that the application process involves assessing eligibility and verifying losses with the help of an adjuster, which can take several months. We advise affected individuals and businesses to be patient during this time and rest assured that the provincial authorities are doing their best to expedite the process.

How to Apply for Disaster Financial Assistance.

For those interested in applying for disaster financial assistance, you can access the application through the following methods:

Stay Informed and Connected.

As we navigate these challenging times together, Bauld Insurance encourages everyone to remain strong and supportive of one another. We will continue to assist and support our valued clients and the broader community in any way we can. Together, we will overcome the aftermath of this natural disaster and emerge stronger and more resilient than ever.

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