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Protect Your Vehicle: Tips for Preventing Car Theft

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Car theft is a growing problem in Canada and that includes The Maritimes. According to Équité Association, which investigates insurance fraud on behalf of member insurance companies, in 2022 car theft in Atlantic Canada was up 34% year-over-year. And it’s not just “grand theft auto,” criminals are actively breaking into cars to steal belongings left inside.

While no one can promise ironclad security, you can take some proactive measures to significantly lower the risk of car theft. In this blog, we share some fantastic tips to help you safeguard your vehicles, ensuring that our beloved vehicles stay safe and sound.

Types of Anti-Theft Devices For Your Vehicle

Investing in anti-theft devices is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your vehicle. Consider implementing the following additions to your car.

Car Alarm System.

If your car doesn’t have a built-in alarm system, consider having one professionally installed. Don’t forget to display a sticker on your windshield to make it clear to would-be thieves that an alarm system protects your vehicle.

Physical Anti-Theft Barrier.

Enhance your vehicle’s security by using a physical anti-theft device, such as a steering wheel lock. Not only does this device make a thief’s job significantly more challenging, but if the imposing metal bar is visible from outside the window, it may deter them from attempting theft in the first place.


Immobilizer systems are your vehicle’s strongest line of defence against theft. These high-tech security measures ensure your engine won’t start without the correct key or fob. By effectively immobilizing the engine, they thwart any unauthorized attempts to steal your car. With this layer of protection, you can rest easy, knowing your vehicle is safe from would-be thieves.

GPS Tracking Systems.

In the event of vehicle theft, a GPS tracking system can be your greatest ally. These sophisticated devices, often discreetly installed in your vehicle, continuously transmit real-time location data to authorities. This will enable law enforcement to swiftly track and recover your stolen vehicle, increasing the chances of a safe and successful retrieval.

Conceal Your Keys.

Keeping your car keys easily accessible might seem convenient, but it’s also a gift to potential thieves. Whether through a break-in or an unlocked front door, a thief can’t resist the allure of a set of keys just waiting to be taken. A surprising number of car thefts occur because owners make it too easy for thieves to access their keys. To prevent this:

  • Never leave your keys in the ignition, even for a moment.
  • Keep spare keys at home, not in the vehicle.
  • Avoid leaving keys on a hook near your front door or other easily accessible places.

How to Park Wisely for Optimal Safety

Selecting your parking spot strategically is essential. Car thieves operate best in the shadows, so avoid dark alleyways and concealed areas. Instead, aim to park in well-lit, well-populated, and visible areas. For added security, try to park near building entrances or under the watchful eye of parking lot cameras. When available, choose secure parking garages or lots to limit entry and exit points of intruders.

Other Common Sense Tips.

Never underestimate the importance of common sense measures in keeping your car safe. Sometimes, the simplest precautions are the most effective. Remember the following tips:

  • Locking your doors and closing your windows, even when your vehicle is in your driveway, is a must for vehicle security.
  • Never leave your running car unattended. While warming up your vehicle on a cold winter morning might be tempting, a running car with unlocked doors can be a magnet for thieves.
  • Don’t overlook leaving valuables in plain sight inside the car, as they can tempt potential thieves.

Car theft remains a concern for vehicle owners across Canada, but following these tips can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Remember, prevention is key, but a comprehensive car insurance policy that includes theft protection is the safety net we all need. Stay vigilant and put your vehicle’s security first with the help of our Bauld Insurance advisors!

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