Introducing Health & Life Insurance Protection for Business Owners.

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Hi, my name is Christina Wyatt. I am a certified financial planner with Bauld Insurance, a locally owned and operated insurance provider here in Nova Scotia. I have a passion for helping people, especially those people that are uninformed about life insurance products and how they can protect you and your business.

I specialize in educating and providing this information to those that need it most. I meet with business owners regularly that are under-protected. Their businesses are lacking protection, and so are their families. And it’s just because they’re not informed. They haven’t received the information on the insurance products and the products out there that are available to them to provide them with this protection.

So today I have put together some bite-sized videos on-demand where you can go through and learn about these protections that are available to you specifically as business owners. And we’re going to look at life insurance, critical illness, disability, healthcare, spending accounts, and some more.

As a business owner, you are your greatest asset. You are the golden goose. You provide for your family and your business. You’ve invested so much into that asset, you’ve put all into it, so why not protect it? A 40-year-old making $100,000 a year has the potential to earn $2.5 million before they turn 65. If you have a key employee or business partner that’s bringing you in 500,000 a year, that’s $5 million in ten years! These are not small numbers. You insure your vehicles, and your buildings as a business owner, but are you ensuring your greatest assets? You and your key employees, the wealthiest, most successful business owners know that their best investment is in you and your business and that no matter what, you’ve got to protect it.

Please join me as we talk through the various insurance products that are there to protect you and your business.

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