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Household Water Damage Coverage Has Changed.

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Overland Water – Are You Covered?

Overland water protection responds to claims that result from the accumulation or runoff of surface water, including torrential rainfall when water enters the property. The coverage can be added to a wide range of insurance products, including homeowners, condos, rental properties, seasonal properties and secondary properties.

Overland Water Coverage – Did You Know?

Sewer backup only covers damage caused by water coming into your property from a sewer or septic system. If overland water enters your home, sewer backup coverage will not protect you. Historically, this type of insurance hasn’t been available as part of any residential insurance policy.

Available Overland Water Coverage.

Most insurers offer a variation of this product. Pricing and availability are based on your location. With variations in the product, it is important to speak with your broker to ensure you have the appropriate coverage.


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