Christina Wyatt, Managing Advisor - Life Insurance, Bauld Insurance

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Christina Wyatt brings Life to Bauld Insurance.

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The newest addition to our Bauld Family is Christina Wyatt who joins the team as Managing Advisor – Life Insurance Division.

Christina Wyatt, Managing Advisor - Life Insurance, Bauld InsuranceChristina has a depth of experience in financial planning advice with a focus on all things related to Life Insurance. She has achieved extensive certifications in a variety of financial planning disciplines including designations like Chartered Life Underwriter, Estate Planning, Certified Cash Flow Management, and more.

Christina is motivated by helping her clients protect their life and livelihood with life insurance just right for them. “There’s a lot to know about life insurance products and for many people it can be quite daunting. Unfortunately there can be a lack of knowledge which leads people to get sub-optimal coverage,” said Christina. “That’s how I can help with on-point advice. From using life insurance as a better alternative to bank offered mortgage insurance, to securing much-needed disability insurance, I love helping my clients protect what’s important.” For more details visit our Life & Health Insurance webpage.

Living with her family in the Waverly area, along with her husband and son, together they are avid sports fans and especially like skiing and snowboarding.  With COVID-19 restrictions being eased, along with pretty much everyone, Christina is looking forward to Summer 2020 being grateful and enjoying the great outdoors.

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