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Tips for Winterizing Your Boat in Nova Scotia?

Taking steps to prepare your boat for winter will improve its longevity, help ensure you operate a sea-worthy vessel, and save time when springtime arrives. Here's a refresher on winterizing your boat, plus a handy one-page checklist.

How much does it cost to maintain a boat?

Perhaps you are new to the boating scene, or maybe you have your eye on a new or used boat. In addition to the cost of buying a boat, there is always one common question - how much does it cost to maintain a boat?

Bauld Advisor Tips What does a Boat Insurance policy cover?

‚ÄčOur Nova Scotia boating season is in full swing! Whether your boat is financed, docked at a marina, or stored in your boathouse, a boat insurance policy will provide much-needed protection and coverage. Learn why and how.

From Our Blog Boating Safety Tips for Bluenose Sailors

Whether you own a sailboat or motorboat, you know it is to be safe. With Summer sailing along, if you are a boating rookie or veteran, take a moment to review these helpful boating safety tips.